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Principal, Oasis Academy Oldham

At Oasis Academy Oldham , Oldham
Salary: L33- L39 (£92,624-£107,239) + Teachers Pension Scheme
Role: Full-time
Contract: Permanent
Start Date: 1st September 2021
Applications Closed 12:00 PM on Thursday 15th April 2021
Interviews: 21st & 22nd April 2021

Job Description

Post:                                 Principal

Accountable to:              Regional Director

Key relationships:          Oasis Community Learning Chief Executive Officer, Regional Director, National Director of Academies, the Hub Leader and Hub Council. The National Director of Secondary other Academy Principals, Oasis Community Learning Board of Directors

Location:                         Hollins Road, Hollinwood, Oldham, OL8 4JZ

Working hours:               Full Time

Job purpose

The Principal will be accountable for the leadership, internal organisation, management and control of the academy. It will be for him/her to lead the staff in realising the vision of establishing and developing a unique, extended learning community which will cater for the whole person - academically, vocationally, socially, morally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and environmentally.

The Principal will ensure that the academy not only serves students but also works closely as a part of Oasis Hub Oldham to serve the whole community.

The Principal will also ensure that the Oasis ethos as well as the 9 Habits which flow from it permeate every aspect of the academy’s life.

Key responsibilities

In seeking to realise the vision for the Academy, the Principal would be expected to carry out the following duties as well as to recognise that the list is only indicative and that there might be other, similar duties which he/she might be required to carry out.

The Principal will be responsible for:

A. Strategy

  • Formulating the aims and objectives of the academy against the purpose, ethos and values of Oasis, as well as the overarching Oasis Philosophy of Education
  • Producing and implementing Academy evaluation and improvement plans, setting strategic targets and performance indicators
  • Ensuring the Academy is a unique model of learning for the community by integrating adults and students in line with Oasis’ founding principles
  • Ensuring the Academy is an integral part of the Oldham hub and serves as part of our model of community transformation
  • Leading and inspiring the staff by their example and encouraging them to achieve the highest personal and professional standards at all times
    B. Leadership of Staff
  • Ensuring that the academy is adequately and appropriately staffed, recruiting as necessary in accordance with Oasis Community Learning’s HR policies and procedures
  • Encouraging team development and an ethos which enables everyone to work collaboratively and accept responsibility for shared outcomes across the full age range
  • Managing the deployment of all staff including line management responsibilities and accountabilities and contingency planning
  • Ensuring that all staff (teachers and support staff) at the Academy receive appropriate, high-calibre information and training to enable them to carry out their professional duties
  • Overseeing an accurate assessment framework in order to judge the quality of teaching and learning, and embedding of consistent high standards for all students including the most able and disadvantaged students
  • To ensure leadership of an annual performance management cycle is carried out within the Academy, making certain that adequate training and development opportunities are made available to all staff, and ensuring the recruitment and retention of high-calibre staff, as well as appropriate action where performance is unsatisfactory
  • Liaising as appropriate with all staff unions or associations
  • Ensure that all staff are annually appraised and that pay progression for teachers is appropriately managed, under pinned by a clear strategy for performance related pay
  • Working with the Oasis National People Directorate to annually appraise leadership staff
    C.  Leadership of Students
  • To ensure all students are in a safe, secure learning environment in accordance with safeguarding expectation in the latest statutory guidance issued by the Secretary of State for Education and DfE guidance
  • Taking into account whole school strategies that promote awareness of the dangers of abuse, sexual exploitation, neglect, FGM, honour based violence, domestic violence, radicalisation and extremism, ensuing the Prevent Duty is fulfilled
  • Ensuring that the Academy has an effective system of pastoral care in place for all students; providing appropriate support, encouragement, impartial advice and guidance in line with the latest DfE guidance in respect of course choice and the transition from the Academy to the world of work, training, Further or Higher Education, as well as their personal and spiritual development
  • Ensuring students’ learning and progress is effectively assessed through a rigorous assessment strategy, monitored and reported through the use of the Oasis Accountability Framework, and celebrated, so that students experience continuity and coherence in all their learning across the curriculum and the entire age range
  • Providing all students with a personalised curriculum which meets their needs and which includes particular support for those with learning difficulties or those who may be particularly gifted and setting challenging targets for all
  • Creating ways for students to be actively involved in the Academy decision-making process and for their views on the learning process to be listened to and respected
  • Providing ample opportunities to enhance their learning by participating in enterprise activities, residential courses, educational visits, work experience and other extra-curricular activities
  • Determining strategies which ensure high standards of behaviour and attendance, developing and applying a constructive policy when exclusion needs to be considered as part of an area-wide approach
  • Ensuring admissions are fair and inclusive, mirroring the Local Authority policy
  • Ensuring the Academy provides high quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural development for all students
  • To fulfil the requirements of 16 to 19 study programmes as defined by the DfE
    D. Liaison with Parents/Carers
  • Keeping in close contact with parents/carers and being available to meet with them at any reasonable time to discuss their children’s progress or welfare
  • Sending them regular information about the Academy and providing reports on their children’s work and progress - ensuring parents/carers have opportunities to discuss these reports with Academy staff
  • Holding regular parents’/carers’ evenings or review days at least annually for each year group
  • Creating opportunities for parents/carers to support the Academy through learning alongside students, helping with sports activities, accompanying trips, encouraging their children with their work and, if appropriate, forming a Parents’/Carers’ Forum to assist the work of the Academy
    E. Curriculum
  • Determining, organising and implementing a balanced and broad curriculum that has a positive impact on pupils’ outcomes and their personal development, behaviour and welfare
  • Encourage and embed high expectations and aspirations amongst staff and students looking for innovative and creative solutions; and employing new technologies where appropriate; ensuring continuity and coherence across the full age range
  • Developing Personalised Learning for all our students, whether high achievers or disadvantaged. To encourage them to select a variety of types of course, developing all their talents and abilities and widening their experience. We place equal value on personal development, preparation for life after school and academic progress maintained
  • Arranging for the construction of the Academy timetable to facilitate the above arrangements and to ensure that its wider curricular aims are met
  • Evaluating on a regular basis, standards of teaching and learning in the Academy and ensuring that high standards of professional practice are established and maintained
  • To oversee the development and implementation and sustained delivery of outstanding teaching, learning and assessment throughout the academy in order to support students achieving highly from their starting points
  • Ensuring the Academy equips students positively for life in modern Britain and promotes fundamental British values. To foster greater understanding of and respect for people of all faiths and no faith, races, genders, ages, disability and sexual orientations, through their words, actions and influence within the academy and the wider community, in line with the Oasis ethos
    F. The Management of Resources
  • Allocating, controlling and accounting for those financial and material resources of the Academy which are the responsibility of the principal
  • Ensuring the maintenance and development of the premises and grounds to ensure maximum practical use and to provide extensive facilities for use by students and members of the community throughout the day, ensuring health and safety requirements are met
  • Having due regard at all times for the health and safety of all users and ensuring that appropriate health and safety responsibilities are understood by all; setting up a health and safety committee according to the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive
  • To work in close partnership with national and local cluster service teams in order to ensure compliance, high quality service and best-value
    G. External Liaison
  • Developing collaborative links with the local Oasis Hub to maximise the opportunities for staff, students and families
  • Maintaining positive and active relationships with other schools, businesses and agencies in the area, in particular with other local primary schools
  • Developing further the good relationships already established with the Local Authority to promote coherent educational programmes within the area
  • Working collaboratively and effectively in line with the latest statutory guidance for multi-agency work, to underpin strong community relationships and partnerships that support students’ welfare and development, including social services, health care providers and emergency services
  • Helping to shape the Oasis Academy model and developing links with other Oasis Academies, as well as seeking links with other schools worldwide
  • Initiating, developing, and maintaining links with local business partners to secure a range of quality mentoring, work experience placements and internships for students in line with the vision for the Academy

    H. Safeguarding Children
    Oasis Community Learning is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks and safeguarding training.
    Senior members of staff are required to undertake Safer Recruitment in Education training.  
    The person undertaking this role is expected to work within the policies, ethos and aims of the Academy and to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Regional Director.  The post holder will be expected to have an agreed flexible working pattern to ensure that all relevant functions are fulfilled through direct dialogue with employees, contractors and community members.
    The duties of this post may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or level of responsibility entailed.

Person Specification


  • NPQH (desirable)
  • Qualified to degree level
  • PGCE (or equivalent) – Qualified to Teach in England
  • Evidence of recent, relevant professional development


  • Leading and managing people individually and in teams to a high standard
  • Managing change through bringing innovative ideas to traditional approaches to teaching and learning
  • Managing and improving the curriculum offer resulting in demonstrable impact
  • Understanding and/or experience of managing finances and ensuring financial sustainability
  • Experience of managing risk across a school or organization
  • Experience of operating an organisation from a health and safety perspective
  • Breadth of experience in school leadership, e.g. one or more from the following: pastoral and academic leadership experience; teaching in several contrasting schools or working in other sectors beyond education
  • A proven track record of effective headship or senior leadership in an urban primary or secondary school, ideally graded as good or outstanding by Ofsted
  • Experience of working effectively with the local community


Skills and Abilities

  • A wide knowledge of current and proposed education policy and the legal framework within which academies and schools must operate, particularly in relation to safeguarding
  • A wide understanding of the links between education and community transformation
  • An ability to effectively prioritise and plan for self, others and the organization
  • An ability to problem solve and think creatively when dealing with complex issues
  • An ability to develop and communicate a complex vision in simple and easily-understood terms to a variety of audiences
  • An ability to manage and empower others to maintain high standards of student discipline in order to ensure a positive climate for learning
  • An ability to lead academy-wide improvement initiatives that have a demonstrable impact on student attainment

Personal Attributes

  • Passionately committed to safeguarding and the welfare and wellbeing of children and young people
  • Willingness to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks
  • To work hard and remain fully committed, even when under pressure, always acting with consideration for yourself and others
  • Forgiving and committed to healthy inclusive relationships (strong interpersonal & diplomatic skills)
  • Emotionally resilient and therefore patient and persevering with challenging behaviours and attitudes
  • To be hopeful, honest and always act with integrity, taking a rigorous approach to improving standards in order to ensure transformation of pupils lives and their wider communities
  • Act with humility and as a team player by serving others both in the academy and the Oasis family
  • Able to demonstrate and communicate the Oasis ethos and 9 Habits in your behaviours and actions
  • Positive, passionate, enthusiastic, and able to help others be the same
  • Able to keep a sense of proportion by acting with self-control
  • Act with authenticity and integrity
  • To have high aspirations and a commitment to excellence, and to role model this behaviour to others
  • Self-disciplined and able to reflect and learn in order develop wisdom and understanding




Oasis is committed to making a difference to the lives of the communities it works in, and as such you must show a willingness to demonstrate commitment to the values and behaviours, which flow from the Oasis ethos. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks.

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How do I Apply?

To apply for the position of Principal, Oasis Academy Oldham, please download (saving to your computer) and complete the above Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Forms and either upload and submit the forms Online or by Email.