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Head of Department:PE

At Oasis Academy South Bank ,
Salary: Competitive
Role: Full-time
Contract: Permanent
Start Date: September 2021
Applications Closed 09:00 AM on Monday 7th June 2021

A. Professional and Personal Characteristics 

•S - Scholarship - Post holder will have a committed and wholehearted belief that all young people, regardless of starting point, need or complexity can make outstanding progress and reach top grades at GCSE and achieve 3 good A-levels

•T - Transformation- Post holder will have an optimistic and positive belief that all young people can constantly change and transform into confident, ambitious, honest, happy, hard-working, respectful citizens. More widely, a desire to be part of a team that is leading community transformation. Post holder will be committed to challenging the status quo

•A - Aspiration - Post holder will instil in young people a belief in themselves about what is possible and will consistently act as an aspirational role model in all that they do.

•I - Inclusion - Post holder will fully include all children regardless of complexity, need or starting point. Post holder will be committed to including all aspects of a child’s social, emotional and cultural development.  Post holder will never isolate, exclude or disconnect a student or group of students.

•R - Resilience - Post holder will be determined, hardworking and relentless in achieving the vision and instilling the values in our school.

•S - Social Responsibility- Post holder will be committed to instilling a sense of responsibility for helping our          community and altruistically ‘giving back’ to our immediate, local, national and global communities.

B. Job Purpose

  • Lead the implementation of an excellent and impactful P.E. curriculum from KS3 through to KS4 that closes gaps and opens doors for our students.
  • To assist the Principal in fulfilling the academy’s vision and instilling the academy’s values in all that we do
  • Provide strategic leadership for the PE department
  • To assist the Principal in the delivery of the 3 year development plan in line with the academy’ vision and values
  • To teach consistently great lessons which bring about excellent outcomes for students
  • To ensure consistently great lessons are typically taught by all members of staff within your department which bring about excellent outcomes for students - through auditing the quality of teaching and learning and providing appropriate professional development.
  • The post holder will be required to deliver daily sessions of literacy intervention in addition to their core responsibilities.


C. Responsibilities

Quality of Teaching and Learning

  • To ensure your teaching is consistently good and outstanding and outcomes are exemplary and in line with KPIs
  • To ensure PE is enjoyable and there is enthusiasm, motivation and passion from students and staff alike
  • To ensure the teaching across your department is consistently good and outstanding and their outcomes are exemplary and in line with KPIs
  • To work in partnership with the lead professional for teaching and learning to ensure there is support for colleagues in developing their knowledge, skills and pedagogy
  • To ensure consistently high quality across your department through rigorous quality assurance measures
  • To observe regularly and develop colleagues and act as a beacon of best pedagogical practice
  • To ensure you are up to date with national and international curriculum developments
  • To create, lead on and develop whole academy continued professional development to ensure outstanding outcomes for students.
  • To be at the cutting edge of pedagogical research in order to influence and develop best practice here
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with other Academies, innovative and high achieving schools through Oasis Community Learning and other relevant networks to share and develop excellent pedagogies.

 Student Achievement and Attainment

  • Ensure a rigorous assessment policy is in place so that KPIs can be accurately tracked and monitored in order to ensure all students make outstanding progress
  • Set challenging targets that build on prior attainment of every student and ensure our KPIs are met.
  • Evaluate student progress on a weekly basis through ensuring student performance is levelled with clear targets to develop.
  • Ensure the quality of feedback throughout the academy is in line with Assessment for Learning policy
  • Set, track, evaluate and report on individual student progress and groups of students towards their targets.
  • Keep systematic records to show students' understanding and completion of work and the identified strengths, areas for development and grades awarded.
  • Support and help colleagues to improve their effectiveness by developing their understanding and use of student data and strategies to address underachievement.
  • Ensure a consistent and continuous focus on student achievement using data to track and monitor the progress in every student’s learning.
  • Evaluate student progress across specified areas of responsibility through the use of appropriate assessments and records and regular analysis of the data.
  • Use national, local and Academy data effectively to analyse and evaluate student progress; planning and implementing effective interventions to support students. Use local and national statistical data and other information, in order to provide (a) a comparative baseline for evaluating learners’ progress and attainment, (b) a means of judging the effectiveness of their teaching, and (c) a basis for improving teaching and learning


  • Creating, designing, monitoring, developing the curriculum in line with OASB vision and values ensuring all children practise skills in a wide range of activities and apply them in selected activities to achieve exceptionally high levels of performance
  • Ensure the curriculum encourages pupils to be physically fit, think for themselves, take initiative and become excellent young leaders by organising and officiating sports events for others
  • Ensure they motivate and instil excellent sporting attitudes in other pupils through passionate attitudes towards sport

 D. Whole Academy Responsibility

•To assist the Principals in fulfilling the academy’s vision and instilling the academy’ values in all that we do

•To assist the Principals in the implementation of the Academy Self Evaluation Academy Development Plan

•To assist in the appointment of staff and their deployment to make the most effective use of their skills, expertise and experience to raise standards of achievement across the Academy.

•Any other responsibility as set out by the Principals

OTHER: The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the Statement of Conditions of Employment.

The duties of this post may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or level of responsibility entailed. 

 E.  Safeguarding children and young people

Oasis is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young People. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including an enhanced DBS check.

Oasis is committed to making a difference to the lives of the communities it works in, and as such you must show a willingness to demonstrate commitment to the values and behaviours, which flow from the Oasis ethos. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks.

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How do I Apply?

To apply for the position of Head of Department:PE, please download (saving to your computer) and complete the above Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Forms and either upload and submit the forms Online or by Email.