Assistant Principal

At Oasis Academy Don Valley , Sheffield
Salary: L11 – L15 (£52,643 -£56,579) + Teacher Pension
Role: Full-time
Contract: Permanent
Start Date: September 2020
Applications Closed: 12:00 PM on Friday 17th January 2020
Interviews: w/c 23 January 2020


This is a unique opportunity to develop as a leader in an exciting environment as our Academy grows. The role will be predominantly focused within the secondary phase where ensuring that the high standards and expectations already embedded in the primary phase are established within the secondary. As Assistant Principal, you will hold responsibility for key strategic areas within the secondary phase; you will also hold responsibilities across both the primary and secondary phases.

 As Assistant Principal, you will need to be able to demonstrate leadership for Academy culture, ensuring that the values and beliefs of the Academy are embedded and reflected in every day practice

 We are looking for a driven, experienced individual with high expectations who will:

  •  Value our children as individuals
  • Be ambitious for all of our children’s outcomes both academic and beyond
  • Will seize on the potential of all individuals and aide them to excel

Be a strong leader in our community who is passionate about education
You will have a strong, clear vision for education and a track record for outstanding leadership. Rigorously ensuring the delivery of high quality teaching and learning. You will support us in establishing a healthy safe, caring environment where every child can reach their potential in a welcoming and strong community.
The post holder shall have the professional duties of a Assistant Principal teacher in accordance with the current DfE’s School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document and wider responsibilities relating to strategic direction and development, teaching and learning, leading and managing staff and efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources in consultation with the Principal.
Full responsibilities are broken down by category, however key responsibilities include:

  •  To assist the Principal, together with other members of the Academy Leadership Team, in providing leadership and in managing the Academy.
  • To provide strategic leadership for specified whole school initiatives.
  • To monitor and support academic progress, attendance and behaviour of students in a specified phase of the Academy;
  • To actively support the vision, ethos and policies of the Academy.
  • To promote and safeguard the welfare of children you teach or come into contact with.
  •  To support the Academy in securing exceptional education for all children and the continuous improvement of teaching and learning in the Academy
  • To take responsibility for teaching a class as set out in School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document as necessary


 Expectations of Leadership:

We believe that our leaders occupy an influential position in society and shape the profession. We see our leaders as lead professionals and significant role models within the community we serve. The values and ambitions of our leaders determine the achievements of our Academy. They are accountable for the education of current and future generations of children. Leadership has a decisive impact on the quality of teaching and children’s achievement in all classrooms. Our leaders lead by example the professional conduct and practice of teachers in a way that minimises unnecessary workload and leaves room for high quality continuous professional development for staff. They secure a climate for the exemplary behaviour of children. They set standards and expectations for high academic success recognising differences and respecting cultural diversity within contemporary Britain. Leaders are outward facing and develop high quality professional networks, which support the development of exceptional education within our Academy.

 A. Achievement and standards

  •  Set high expectations and stretching targets for the Academy to which your areas of responsibility contribute significantly.
  • Ensure a consistent and continuous focus on student achievement using data to track and monitor the progress in every student’s learning.
  • Use national, local and Academy data effectively to analyse and evaluate student progress; planning and implementing effective interventions to support students
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of learning outcomes

 Professional Standards- Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Commitment to a collaborative Academy vision of excellence and equality that sets high standards for every student.
  • Ability to analyse and evaluate performance data.
  • Demonstrate and articulate high expectations and set stretching targets for the Academy.
  • Take appropriate action when performance in unsatisfactory within their specified areas of responsibility.
  • Have an extensive knowledge and well-informed understanding of the assessment.

 B. Quality of Provision

  • Raise the quality of teaching and learning so that lessons are good or better and there is no inadequate teaching.
  • Secure and sustain effective teaching through structured monitoring, evaluation and review.
  • Monitor the quality of teaching and students’ learning through the analysis of performance data, observation of teaching, work scrutiny, student interviews in collaboration with the Academy Leadership teams.
  • Contribute to the development of teaching and learning by supporting training programmes, coaching and mentoring of teachers.
  • Develop and maintain Academy policies and practices, which promote high achievement and inclusion through effective teaching and learning across the Academy.
  • Contribute to the development of the curriculum to best reflect the Academy’s curricular aims and to meet the needs of all students.
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate with other Academies, innovative and high achieving schools through the Oasis Community Learning and other relevant networks to share and develop excellent pedagogies.
  • Take a strategic role in the development of new and emergent technologies to enhance and extend the learning experiences of students.
  • Implement strategies that ensure high standards of behaviour.
  • Promote extra-curricular activities and out of hours learning which enhance learning opportunities.
  • Have a teaching commitment within the Academy.

 Professional Standards- Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Recognises excellence and challenges underperformance at all levels and ensures corrective action and follow up.
  • Ensures a culture of challenge and support where all students can achieve success.
  • Have teaching skills which lead to learners achieving well relative to their prior attainment, making progress as good as, or better than, similar learners nationally.
  • Understanding of school self-evaluation and an ability to make evidence based judgements.
  • Ability to initiate and support research and debate about effective teaching and learning and develop strategies to improve performance.

 C. Leadership and Management

  • Be a strategic and supportive member of the Leadership team of the Academy, playing a key role in the development of the Academy as it becomes an innovative, high performing, and emotionally intelligent organisation for the 21st century
  • Effectively manage an agenda of significant change to raise standards in all areas of Academy life.
  • Take the lead strategic oversight for specified areas of improvement and development and make a significant contribution to the strategic development of all areas of the Academy, whether or not holding a direct responsibility for the strategic feature or not
  • Have oversight of years 7 and 8 in the first instance, ensuring that effective teaching and learning takes place and that students’ personal development needs are met
  • Play a key role in creating an environment within the Academy where students and staff develop and maintain positive attitudes towards each other, the environment and community
  • Contribute to the development and review of the Academy Improvement Plan, OfSTED Self Evaluation Form and the related documentation
  • Line manage designated teachers, Heads of Learning Areas and support staff working collaboratively to raise student achievement and attainment across the Academy and provide effective support, guidance, challenge and information for all staff within designated areas of responsibility
  • Take an active role as a Team Leader within the Academy’s Performance Management policy in addition to promoting and providing induction and Continuous Professional Development opportunities to ensure the professional effectiveness of teaching and support staff colleagues
  • Maintain clear expectations, high standards of professionalism and collaboration to meet the Academy Improvement Planning priorities
  • Assist in the appointment of staff and their deployment to make most effective use of their skills, expertise and experience to raise standards of achievement across the Academy
  • Ensure that all staff have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Use appropriate resources, in consultation with the Principal, for effective, efficient and safe teaching and learning across the Academy; accommodation, agreed budgets, staff, time, courses, development opportunities and ICT resources
  • Liaise effectively with all stakeholders including parents, Academy Council, feeder schools, partner secondary schools, business and community partners and the wider community, as appropriate to designated strategic responsibilities
  • Network with other Academies, innovative and high achieving schools through the Oasis Community Learning and other relevant networks; make and host regular visits in order to learn more about the ways that other institutions are effecting change and transformation
  • Ensure the Academy is compliant with national, local and Academy statutory, legal; and policy requirements

 Professional Standards - Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Acts as a lead professional, setting a professional example to staff and students
  • Makes professional, managerial and organisational decisions based on informed judgements
  • Inspires, challenges, motivates and empowers others to carry the Academy vision forward
  • Understands the management of change to bring about sustained improvement
  • Prioritises, plans and organises themselves and others
  • Knows about the use of a range of evidence, including performance data, to evaluate and improve aspects of school life, including challenging poor performance
  • Commitment to the equitable management of staff and resources
  • Able to delegate and monitor the implementation of management tasks

 D. Personal Development and Well-Being

Lead the implementation of the personalised learning agenda, raising achievement and improving the quality of teaching, learning and support across the Academy

  • Ensures a consistent and continuous Academy-wide focus on student achievement, using baseline and progress data to monitor progress
  • Recognise and reward students who are making good progress, and identify underachievement putting in place appropriate support to address the areas of weakness
  • Supporting the extended school programme including visits
  • Supporting the Academy in the delivery of the Every Child Matters outcomes
  • Treat all members of the school community fairly, equitably and with respect to create and maintain the Academy ethos
  • Ensuring the safeguarding of all students through the implementation of effective policies and procedures
  • Ensuring a safe working and learning environment through application of appropriate risk assessment and adherence to current Health & Safety regulations

 Professional Standards - Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Have a commitment to choice and flexibility in learning to meet the needs of every student
  • Have sufficient depth of knowledge and experience to be able to give advice on the development and well-being of students
  • Work effectively with relevant agencies to protect children

 E. Views of Learners, Parent/Carers and other Stakeholders

  • Ensure an effective partnership with parents and carers to support students’ academic and personal development
  • Seek opportunities to invite parents, careers and other members of the community into the Academy to enrich the opportunities for all students
  • Ensure parents and carers are well informed about their child’s progress and targets and their part in the process of improvement
  • Seek the views of parents, carers and other member of the community on the development of the Academy

 Professional Standards - Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Create and maintain an effective partnership with parents and carers to support and improve students’ academic and personal development
  • Recognises and takes account to the richness and diversity of the Academy’s community
  • Listens to, reflects and acts on community feedback
  • Builds and maintains relationships with parents, carers and the community that enhances the education of all students

 F. Professional Development

  • Keep up to date with current research in school improvement
  • Lead professional development activities, as appropriate, to update and develop the skills of colleagues
  • Provide regular coaching and mentoring for less experienced colleagues
  • Participate in Performance Management accordance with Academy policy

 Professional Standards - Attributes, Knowledge and Understanding

  • Contribute to the professional development of colleagues through coaching and mentoring, demonstrating effective practice, and providing advice and feedback
  • Build a collaborative learning culture within the Academy

 G. Safeguarding Children

 Oasis Community Learning is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks and safeguarding training.

Senior members of staff are required to undertake Safer Recruitment in Education training.

The person undertaking this role is expected to work within the policies, ethos and aims of the Academy and to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Regional Academies Director. The post holder will be expected to have an agreed flexible working pattern to ensure that all relevant functions are fulfilled through direct dialogue with employees, contractors and community members.

 All staff take an active role in the Academy’s care and guidance of students.

 This post is covered by Part 7 of the Immigration Act (2016) and therefore the ability to speak fluent spoken English is an essential requirement for this role.

 The above responsibilities are subject to the general duties and responsibilities contained in the Statement of Conditions of Employment.

 The duties of this post may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the post or level of responsibility entailed.



Oasis is committed to making a difference to the lives of the communities it works in, and as such you must show a willingness to demonstrate commitment to the values and behaviours, which flow from the Oasis ethos. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We expect all staff to share this commitment and to undergo appropriate checks, including enhanced DBS checks.

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How do I Apply?

To apply for the position of Assistant Principal, please download (saving to your computer) and complete the above Application Form and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Forms and either upload and submit the forms Online or by Email.