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Accessibility Policy

Every effort has been made to ensure that this site is created in such a way as to be accessible to all people groups. The site is built to conform as closely as possible to the AA standards of compliancy. Below are some of the aspects of accessibility to which we have made every effort to conform:

Use of CSS to define styles
We have built the CSS (cascading style sheets) to define the layout and style of the page. This allows a less complex code to run the site making the site faster and more easily read by specialist screen readers.

Sensible content layout
The content of the page is laid out in a consistent and clear way throughout, so that it would be very easy to read the page with or without the styles switched on.

Alternative mark-up of all non-text information
In the most part, all images have alternative information attached to them. We have given special attention to these in areas where the image itself might perform some function, rather than to look good on the page.

Use of descriptive text for all hypertext links
We have tried to be clear when marking up all text links throughout the site.

Frames and Tables
We have not used frames and tables throughout the site with the exception of tables in the calendar and where it has been necessary to display academic data.
If you have any comments on the site’s accessibility or usability, please contact us on